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We were at the dog park beside the filtration plant tonight and heard about another coyote sighting in Sam Smith Park, this one in the parking lot across from the dog park. Another was spotted recently at the skate park and another by the beach east of the yacht club.

I’m all for live and let live, but I confess to being a bit nervous.


  1. Mote

    I’ve seen coyotes in Colonel Samuel Smith Park and have been within roughly fifty feet of a pair of them. However, that wasn’t planned, it just happened that way, one night last spring. The coyotes definitely saw me, and they did what coyotes normally do when they encounter people: they went on their separate way. They weren’t aggressive in any manner.

    If you don’t bother them, 99.9% of the time coyotes won’t bother you. They’re wild animals, so you should not approach them, but problems with coyotes usually occur after people feed them (and/or try to interact with them), and then they slowly become habituated to humans. From what I’ve seen, that’s not happening in Colonel Samuel Smith Park. The coyotes in Samuel Smith Park still have a healthy fear of humans and are generally avoiding us, which is their normal behaviour. But that’s not to say that they won’t prey on small pets, especially cats. If you live in the area of the park and own a cat, don’t let it roam around free, especially at night. That’s just common sense.

  2. I think your dogs could certainly take on a coyote. But they are worrisome around the kitties. We had one run over our front porch a few months ago, but generally I just hear them at night down in the valley a couple of blocks away.

    • Another sighting last night, while I was in the dog park. A fellow on the way into the park saw the coyote in the parking lot. It stopped still in its tracks as he and his dog passed.

  3. Interesting this resurgence in coyotes. I never heard or saw one in my entire life up north in my neck of the woods until recently. They are not thick, but they are certainly there now.

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