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Check out the fantastic coyote photos at the Friends of Sam Smith Park blog. Our dog walker has seen them twice recently while out with the partners. She noted that one of them had a tracking collar as well.

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I took the dogs out for our after dinner walk this evening as usual. We headed over toward the water filtration plant on the other side of 23rd St. My plan was to walk over to the edge of the hill and see if there… Read More

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We were at the dog park beside the filtration plant tonight and heard about another coyote sighting in Sam Smith Park, this one in the parking lot across from the dog park. Another was spotted recently at the skate park and another by the beach… Read More

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Coyotes in the City

Lots of people in Toronto would like the City to “do something” about the marked increase in coyote sightings and contact in the Toronto area. Noise about this got louder recently after a coyote snatched one of a Pickering resident’s Pomeranians. Residents can’t have it… Read More

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Several mornings ago, Tuffy P was taking Memphis for her morning constitutional, when she came across another dog owner in Sam Smith Park. This fellow owned a hound dog who had just tracked and rousted a coyote down by the yacht club. A couple evenings… Read More