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Concertina Time

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Enjoy some videos about a very special instrument. You don’t see these in your average pop band. More likely you will see a Chemnitzer Concertina player lead a Chicago style polka band, along with bellows-shaking accordion, bass, drums, and a pair of trumpets.

Here’s a nice little video featuring Art Ohotto.

Now here’s Gaylen Haas playing a beautiful version of Misty.

Oh yes, that was lovely. There are many very nice pieces uploaded by fleetingdays on YouTube, played on a number of stunning instruments. Here’s a jazz piece you might know, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Finally, here’s a band from Buffalo NY, Scrubby and the Dynatones. This version of the Helen Polka is from the 80s. I love the way these guys attacked a polka.

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