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Is there an award for this?

There is a very nice Polish grocery store not so far from Anchovy World Headquarters, called Starsky’s. Among other things, they have an excellent selection of Polish sausages from Goralska to double-smoked. They also feature lots of different smoked fish and excellent fresh-baked breads. You can buy a selection of dried mushrooms including porcini and bay boletes. However, at the best of times, it’s crazy in there. At the sausage counter, they have samples, and some days it’s like a feeding frenzy. I’ve learned the strategy for shopping there. Go immediately to the sausage counter and take a number. You might get number 77 when they’re serving 34, but don’t fret. Simply go do the rest of your shopping, taking care to return before your number comes up.

Today, Starsky’s was extra unbelievably crazy. The parking lot was full, the parking lot next door was full and people were parking on the street. Unphased by this, I entered the store, only to be propelled forward into the vegetable area by an unruly throng. Once I completed my shopping I discovered the line-ups to pay went halfway back into the store.

Although there should be an award for surviving this store on the Saturday before Christmas, I knew there wasn’t one, so I made my own award and bought a Polish plum filled donut.

Dinner tonight, by the way, is split-pea soup, which I made this afternoon. Awesome.


  1. I have to go to the Polish shop not far from here before Christmas Eve and I know from experience that it will be absolutely insane. I should have just given you my list!

  2. Patience

    Try Karpaty; maybe less choice but also less crazy. And they do have double smoked sausage! Mmmmmm! Also strangely a whole rack of different kinds of honey. Hope you’re keeping well in the holiday season; Myke has been ultra busy with his startup so less available time for walking the huskies.

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