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No snow, and I’m OK with that

Last night I heard serious storm warnings on the radio. I was going to awake to the biggest snow storm of the season, to many centimetres of snow on the ground. Instead, there was some light rain.

This morning I listened to a radio station that offered some serious storm watch coverage. In fact, that’s all they talked about, one special report after another. They must have sold sponsorship on the storm that never materialized. I’d like to report that here in Toronto by the lake there is exactly no snow on the  ground.

It won’t be many more sleeps until we’re out of February and it’s all uphill from there.


  1. Our much ballyhooed snowstorm didn’t materialize either, which I was fine with. The little snow we did get, along with the gusty winds did glass up the roads nicely for my drive home last night though.

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Dont poke fun at 100 cm. I live about 40 miles north of Toronto and last winter we experienced a 100 cm dumping. It is not fun. Today we had about 20 cm and it is snowing hard at around midnight.

  3. inkcasualty

    Don’t know about you folks out there in the West end but over here in the Beaches we’re bracing for…..a hundred cm by tomorrow morning…..Stormageddon you know

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