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I’ve been enjoying salads all week made with greens picked from my little veggie garden out back. Right now it’s mesclun mix and baby spinach, and today some scallions too. There is something unspeakably delightful about fresh greens from the garden. As we enjoy the mesclun, the spinach will come into its own, and then there will be lettuce. Herbs are in. Tomatoes are in. Swiss chard is coming along fine. There is one zucchini plant. Later, there will be shallots. Perfect.

I thought a gardening song would be appropriate here, so here is Guy Clark performing Homegrown Tomatoes…

Or how about The Garden Song by Arlo Guthrie?



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  2. You are harvesting already? I thought we were early this year, with our rhubarb all ready to pick, but you have us beat. Enjoy.

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