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Fiddle on my Mind

Canada has had some really fantastic fiddle players over the years, and more and more I’ve come to appreciate how special that music is.  For tonight’s Daily Dose, I’d like to feature a really great fiddler, Graham Townsend. Here he is demonstrating Canadian fiddle styles.

This next clip features Mr. Townsend on Don Messer’s Jubilee at just 17 along with some fantastic interview footage. This is really great material. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Finally, here’s a medley of hornpipes.

I could listen to this music all day.



  1. inkcasualty

    nothing to do with this but I got some fiddleheads, not some nice foraged ones like you procure but fiddleheads jes’ the same. Have a tasty suggestion to share with us all?

    • Clean them in water and remove all the brown bits. Drop them in boiling water for a couple minutes, change the water and do that again and then once more again. Then sautee them for a minute in butter and enjoy.

      The fiddleheads in our local forests are past a week or two ago. Last time I was in the forest, they were about a foot high.

      • inkcasualty

        see…it pays to ask…I would have left the brown bits on and simply tossed them in the pan with olive oil and a bit of garlic and who knows where my poor stomach would be then! Mucho thanks.

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