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Looking for an inexpensive 12 foot canoe…

In a couple weeks, we’re putting a path across the yard. Strangely, our house does not have a path from the driveway to the front walk. Neither does the house to the south of us. When we arrive home in a vehicle, we  have two choices…walk across the lawn or walk down the driveway, across the sidewalk, and up the front path. We walk across the lawn. We’re going to put in a flagstone path from the front walk to the driveway, and extend the front garden down to the new path.

Tuffy P came up with the idea of adding a canoe garden at the same time. Her idea was to find a very inexpensive canoe, put holes in the bottom, integrate it with the path as if the path were a rapids, fill it with soil, and plant a garden. We’ve never had a canoe garden before. However, a google search on canoe garden images shows us it has been done. To fit our garden path, a canoe no longer than 12 feet is the ticket. Now there are lots of old canoes advertised sites like kijiji, but most of them are either too expensive or too long. We’ve found a couple possibilities but for one reason or another we haven’t been able to nail down the transaction.

The canoe doesn’t even have to be sea worthy. It just has to look sharp (we don’t mind painting it up….or maybe even adding mosaics) and be able to hold soil….and be 12 feet max. I know that canoe is out there. It’s sitting out behind the shed or taking up room in the garage. I know there is someone out there thinking, “I wish I could get rid of this old canoe, but who would want it?” We do. We’re running out of time to get the canoe before the path goes in, and ideally the canoe garden will be integrated with the path. The only thing left to do is turn to you, gentle readers. Please email me if can help.


  1. I have no canoe to offer you, sorry. But I do love the idea! Your yard is quickly becoming a fascinating place of whimsy!

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