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Fires of Hell

We know that temperature doesn’t matter any more. It’s all about the humidex in the summer and the wind chill in the winter. Today it may be 30 degrees but the radio promises it will feel like the fires of Hell with the humidex. Convection Roast. The same station reminds us that while the power grid is in much better shape than it was a year ago, we should turn down our AC. Of course, it’s days like today that air conditioning such an attractive option.

This mini heat wave has come just in time to remind us that summer is starting. The good news is that with some decent rainfall, we’ll start to see chanterelles and maybe some ornate boletes and a few lobsters up in the Enchanted Mushroom Forest. Oh, where exactly is that, you ask. Ya, ya, it’s you know, that forest up by um, you know the place. Ya, ya, where the roads you know and there’s that spot where you can pull over and the big hill with the thingy and that old barn. Well, past the old barn. You know.  Sure, it’s a good hike in, yes that’s true.


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