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I packed my drawing gear and a mushroom basket and ventured out to the enchanted mushroom forest this morning. It’s been such a poor season for mushrooms I didn’t expect to find much, perhaps a couple lobsters and hedgehogs – but instead I found lots… Read More

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One sad bolete

This has been a tough year for mushroom hounds in the Toronto area. There simply has not been enough rain to fruit quantities of mushrooms. Recently we have had a couple rains, and though they haven’t been the kind of two-day soakers I was hoping… Read More

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This morning, Memphis and I headed up to the Enchanted Mushroom Forest to see if we could find some tasty edibles. Ellie Mae really wanted to join us (for those who are not regular readers, Memphis and Ellie Mae are our Newfoundland dogs) but with… Read More

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Where do?

Somebody landed on this blog after searching, “where do lobster mushrooms grow in Ontario?” The answer is, in the Enchanted Mushroom Forest, that’s where. Curiously, I find more lobster mushrooms in the forests I forage than any other single species, and yet I some people… Read More

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Rain Please

July of this year, much like July of last year, has been a poor month for mushroom hounds in these parts. Why? It’s been way too dry. Buoyed by a little bit of rain that fell on the Enchanted Mushroom Forest a few days ago,… Read More

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Fires of Hell

We know that temperature doesn’t matter any more. It’s all about the humidex in the summer and the wind chill in the winter. Today it may be 30 degrees but the radio promises it will feel like the fires of Hell with the humidex. Convection… Read More