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Not On Hold Music

What’s the worst “on hold” music you’ve ever heard? Today I was on the phone with a help desk when I was put on hold to the piano stylings of a computer attempting  Wichita Lineman. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

I’ve got a job to do tonight. I’ve got to do something to make up for the butchery done to that lovely Jimmy Webb tune. Let’s make up for the canned version with the real deal. The tune was written in 1968 and first recorded by Glen Campbell. Man this is one lonesome song. It just doesn’t belong as “on hold” music at all.

And then there’s this version and it’s killer…

Now, Stone Temple Pilots with Mr. Campbell

OK, one more….I bet you never thought you’d be listening to Kool and the Gang over here on 27th Street. We’re full of surprises here at Anchovy World Headquarters, deep underground below the sleepy West Toronto community of Long Branch. Feel the Groove.

OK OK OK… that we’re down there, let’s hear Cassandra Wilson. Are you ready?

Ok OK OK OK…I know I said I’d stop, but how can I end this post without hearing the Johnny Cash version. Perfect. Flawless.

That’s it friends….you’ll have to go searching for the Jimmy Webb and Tom Jones versions yourself.


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