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Who was Delia Green?

There are numerous American folk tunes that have their roots in true stories. There is Stagger Lee, Tom Dooley, Charles Guiteau, John Hardy, Pretty Boy Floyd and many more, a fascinating and bloody history. Most of these are about men, and most of them involve… Read More

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Solitary Man

This tune came up in our post-mushroom hunt jam late Saturday evening. What a blast from the past. I think it was one of Neil Diamond’s first hits back in the early 70s. Here’s the Johnny Cash version, which brings the song alive.

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So there I was messing about on the Industrial oil can banjo and this simple little melody started to emerge and I started playing around with it a bit trying to get it right. Tuffy P asked, what’s that you’re playing and I said I… Read More

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Delia was a gamblin’ girl. She only had eyes for rounders, card players who knew all the angles. Cutty or Cooney, depending on the version, loved poor Delia but she didn’t love him back. Bad news. Here’s Martin Grosswendt… Now Cutty’s going to be in… Read More

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Tennessee Stud

The first recording I heard of this song was by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. For some reason I think I was 17 at the time but I could be wrong. I heard it once and it stuck to my brain and didn’t go away. I heard… Read More

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Not On Hold Music

What’s the worst “on hold” music you’ve ever heard? Today I was on the phone with a help desk when I was put on hold to the piano stylings of a computer attemptingĀ  Wichita Lineman. It doesn’t get much worse than that. I’ve got a… Read More