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Los Texmaniacs

Today’s Daily Dose takes us down to Texas for a heaping helping of Conjunto music by Los Texmaniacs. This first video has some interview bits worked in and gives some good insight into the music. We saw this band at the International Accordion Festival down in San Antonio a few years ago. It’s just about impossible not to dance to their music.  This reminds me that the International Accordion Festival is not going to happen this year. I’m not certain why, but I did read an article about funding cuts, so maybe they just don’t have the money to make it happen. That’s too bad because it’s a top drawer music festival in a great location. But I digress….enjoy Los Texmaniacs.

And here they are with Cesar Rosas performing a tune popularized by The Sir Douglas Quintet many years ago, She’s Abour a Mover.


  1. You are right, impossible not to dance. My toes started tapping right away.

    A shame about the Accordion Festival though.

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