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Hosta Dividing Time

Some of the hostas in our garden are quite big so I thought it was time I divided some of them. Considering how easy it is to get several plants from one big one, it’s surprising how expensive they are at local nurseries.

The way I go about it is to dig out an entire clump, loosen the roots up by hosing them, and then make a few cuts with a sharp knife, separating each clump into smaller pieces. Then it’s just a matter of planting the pieces. When I do the transplant I use a little rooting fertilizer and I water them well.

The photo above shows the giant hosta replanted after being split.

I planted one of them in one of the back gardens.

And another one at the end of the woodland path…  I planted a few of the smaller ones out back too, and also gave some away to the neighbours.

I also divided up some irises today while I was on a roll. It was a beautiful cool fall afternoon, perfect for garden work.


  1. I envy you your hostas! I have a really difficult time growing them here. I have never had to divide them in the 10 years since I planted them, as they never spread!

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