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In case my non-Canadian readers are not aware, this is Thanksgiving up here in Canada. It’s a time we usually gather with Tuffy P’s family each year, often at Tuffy’s dad’s cottage. I usually make up a Thanksgiving feast, which we enjoy in a beautiful setting, surrounded by forests turning reds and yellows.

This year, Tuffy P’s dad is in the hospital,very ill, and in no condition to go anywhere for Thanksgiving. We decided to bring Thanksgiving up to him. I made up a turkey dinner with all the fixings and we packed it up in plastic containers and reheated everything in a hospital microwave. We had a great afternoon.

Tuffy P took this shot of me and her dad George enjoying some turkey dinner.  I will say he summoned up quite an appetite for the occasion!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful treat that must have been for Tuffy’s dad. Very thoughtful of you! I hope you all had a wonderful visit and a speedy recovery for George. 🙂

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