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Tennessee Stud

The first recording I heard of this song was by Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. For some reason I think I was 17 at the time but I could be wrong. I heard it once and it stuck to my brain and didn’t go away. I heard that Ramblin’ Jack version a couple more times over the years but didn’t hear anyone else perform the song until Johnny Cash released his fantastic American Recordings in the 90s. Here’s Mr. Cash…

Doc and Merle Watson played this one beautifully as well…

I’m not sure but I think the song may have been composed by Jimmie Driftwood. Can anyone confirm or correct?

Finally, here’s an unusual instrumental version by Harlow Wilcox and the Oakies. This one is interesting in that Wilcox inserts the Bo Diddley or Shave and a hair cut – two bits rhythm into the tune.



  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Driftwood did indeed compose this. That seems to be a fairly safe guess for any tune where you arent sure since he is credited with composing about 6,000 songs (or roughly 4 a week every week for 30 years). Not many are familiar with many of his songs but the other one he wrote that became popular was Battle of New Orleans and since we are being Johnny Cash fans tonight here is his version…

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