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SULFLO has arrived…

The other day I mentioned that I was gathering parts to make an oil can banjo. Well, it arrived in today’s post….


It comes with all kinds of great info on the sides. For instance:

IMPORTANT – Unless otherwise marked, this package contains SULFLO No. 1 for hand tool use. It should be applied with a brush or squirt can.  SULFLO No. 1 is made heavy so that it clings to the work and cuts down waste. “It eases the pull”

This stuff is manufactured especially for plumbers, steamfitters, electricians and mechanics generally. It even has a guarantee: We guarantee SULFLO to be satisfactory to you. Use our tests or your own, and it will prove better than any other cutting oil. Unless you are satisfied return the can and unused portion of contents to your dealer who will return your money.  On the other side, the can promotes other SULFLO products such as boiler water treatment, fuel oil treatment, boiler seal, soldering paste, pipe joint compound oil insoluble, penetrating oil and an all purpose product. This can is going to make a fine canjo, I just know it.

Tomorrow, I’ll take the cap off and see if there is any product residue. If so, I’ll have to figure out how to clean that out and dry it. I think there is a product available for drying up oils if absolutely necessary. Hopefully the short-scale 5-string banjo neck I bought will find its way to me sometime next week.

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