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Soup Day

Saturday is soup day around here these days. I wasn’t sure what variety of soup I was going to make today until we visited friends this morning who gave us some dried mushrooms. More specifically, these are Boletus Mirabilis, known as the Admirable Bolete.

I’ve never eaten these before, but they are reputed to be tasty mushrooms with a lemony nuance about them. The packaging assures me these were picked in Canada, and since I know these to be western mushrooms, it’s a good guess they come out of BC. These boletes were thinly sliced and dried, but still you can see these were really nice big specimens. I soaked a handful for half an hour while I prepared some other ingredients.

I started off with some Starsky’s BBQ bacon, a couple good slices diced up and added in a handful of chopped onions, some chopped up fresh thyme, and then after about 5 minutes, some celery root, carrots, and zucchini. I chopped up the soaked boletes and added them in along with loads of fresh creminis. I tossed in more fresh thyme and some dry summer savory and a little spash of soy sauce and some vegetable stock.

It’s simmering away on the stove and promises to be a very good soup.

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