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Tough work?

The other night I watched a bit of one of those cooking game shows. It was one of those shows hosted by a panel of so-called celebrity chefs, in which home cooks subject themselves to a great deal of humiliation in their quest for a… Read More

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New Years Eve Dinner

I baked bread today. Actually I started my dough yesterday. Using James Lahey’s slow fermentation approach, I made a simple dough yesterday and let it do its thing overnight. This afternoon, I gave it a second rise for a couple hours and again using Lahey’s… Read More

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Soup Day

Saturday is soup day around here these days. I wasn’t sure what variety of soup I was going to make today until we visited friends this morning who gave us some dried mushrooms. More specifically, these are Boletus Mirabilis, known as the Admirable Bolete. I’ve… Read More

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Short Squat Mushrooms

I’m always interested in the variety of search terms people use that land them here on this blog. Today somebody got here after searching Russula brevipes. Now this is an interesting mushroom to me, and it’s interesting because it has a special relationship with another… Read More