1. Webmaster

    We got hopelessly hooked on Newfies through a couple of friends – dog sat for them and then one day we helped rescue our first one. She had a long happy life and now we’re on our second rescue girl. We’ve had some great dogs but the Newfies are the only one with such big hearts. Newfies rule!!

  2. aquanewf

    I am new here & searched Newfies. Your dogs are beautiful. I have three myself. Still working on setting up with pictures & a blog myself. Could not resist taking a look first. These dogs are the most wonderful friends anyone could possibly have.

    • thank you. We’ve had Memphis, the Landseer, since she was a pup. She’s 4 now. Ellie Mae joined our household as an adult and she’s around 8. They are wonderful friends and bring us great joy,

    • Memphis is the Landseer. She’s about 4 years old. Ellie Mae is the old black one. She’s older, maybe 8. They really are wonderful dogs. Thank for your comment.

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