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Here’s an idea…time for a new professional hockey league in Canada. 8 teams. Let’s see…um….Halifax, Sherbrooke, Markham, Brandon, Whitehorse, Saskatoon, Red Deer and how about Kelowna…..just off the top of my brain. It doesn’t have to be a squillion dollar outfit. Go for medium size markets. Pay players a decent living. Aim for 4 or 5 thousand people per game. Start with a grass roots league and see what happens. Make it about the love of hockey. Make it Canadian. Take back hockey from the gazillionaires. Tie it in tight with the communities. Ok I’m just talking. I haven’t studied anything. I don’t know all the angles. But if ever there was a time to do it, this is it. Leave the NHL squabbling over the big cash. I think the Canadian Hockey League would make for a hockey revolution.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    You are on the right track I think but it can be improved. The players union might well dissolve so that the players can launch an anti-trust suit against the owners in the Excited States. A legal expert said on the radio that if the union ceases to exist then all of the player contracts become null and void and all the players become free agents. Most of the decent players are pretty rich dudes. My thinking would be to have the players start up a significant pro league of their own although on say a smaller scale and leave the squillionaire owners holding the bag. My thinking is say 6 teams made up of the best of the existing players. Maybe have the teams in cities like ummm Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, New York, Boston, and Chicago. I bet a league with the best of the players in those cities would not only sell out every game but they would get significant television deals. And those 6 cities have a sort of familiar feel to them dont they? The current owners can do whatever the heck they want with the other 24 cities and the leftover players but they would have a minor league operation at best. I might even be convinced to start watching hockey games again if that happened. Right now the talent on the existing teams is so diluted that they are selling us minor league hockey at major league prices and Im not buying.

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