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The Pharmaceutical Olympics?

It’s almost time for the Olympics and the big question (beyond details like will they finish the athlete’s village), is whether or not to bar the entire Russian team from participation. Stunning. On the news, I’ve heard about a state-sponsored conspiracy involving a network of… Read More

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Here’s an idea…time for a new professional hockey league in Canada. 8 teams. Let’s see…um….Halifax, Sherbrooke, Markham, Brandon, Whitehorse, Saskatoon, Red Deer and how about Kelowna…..just off the top of my brain. It doesn’t have to be a squillion dollar outfit. Go for medium size… Read More

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Playoff Hockey

Regular readers here in Anchovy Town know I’m no big sports fan. I have to say though that playoff hockey is a lot of fun, and having a Canadian team do well even gives me something to cheer for. Too bad regular season hockey is… Read More