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16 Top Hits

DSC01956At first glance I thought these fine lookin’ clean cut kids were eating raw hot dogs and that the blonde girl was dishing out from the supply on the little table. But no. On closer examination, I can see that the brunette girl and the guy with the nice part in his hair are toasting up hot dogs using hand-held grill-units in the blazing fire, while buddy with the guitar is serenading the group.

I don’t know if you can see the titles or not. Let me share:
White Silver Sands
Sink the Bismark
Summer Set
Don’t throw away all those teardrops
Cradle of Love
Madison Time
The Old Lamplighter
I love the way you Love
Let the Little Girl Dance
Teenage Sonata
Big Iron
Way of a Clown
Puppy Love

Splendid. On the back, we have some technical data. The recording you have just purchased was made on an Ampex tape recorder, Model 300, with Alter and Telefunken microphones.

The masters were cut on a Scully lathe with Grampion feedback cutter heads driven by specially designed 200 watt amplifier.

Mastering was done with maximum stylus velocity consistent with minimum distortion realizing the ultimate in signal to noise ratio

This recording may be played on any 33 1/3 rpm record playing instrument.

Low Frequency Limit…….16 cpsHigh Frequency Limit..25,000 cps
Crossover……500 cps
Rolloff (my favourite)…13.75 db at 10 kc

This is a long playing high fidelity 33 1/3 rpm record. Unbreakable under normal use. This record should always be kept away from heat and stored in this sleeve. Dust and dirt shold be removed from this record with a lint free cloth.

And now for the important part….the liner notes

Today’s music – the TOP HITS – played as you know and love them!

To dance, to sing, to listen – or to do the dishes! Hit Music!

Gay, sad, sentimental – the novelties, rock ‘n roll and the ballads. Music of many moods – music with a beat – Today’s Hits!

Why does a tune “climb the charts” to become a Top Hit? Of course – the deejays hear it, like it play it. But the tune you “swing with ” is the one they play and play and play!

And the one you like well enough to buy has started up the ladder – to the “top of the charts”!!

So these are the HITS you choose – want most.


Find your own top favorites here on thie LP, recorded for you by the country’s leading vocalists and orchestras in highest fidelity!


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