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Cross-posting to Facebook?

I rarely post anything “just” on Facebook, but I do usually cross-post my blog posts there. I started doing that simply because I know quite a few people who are active on Facebook who rarely look at blogs. Technology increasingly enabled me to integrate posts so I thought, why not, I’ll take advantage of that. When I started doing that visits to my blog initially rose, but then settled down to about the same level. What I hadn’t expected was dwindling comments on my blog, replaced with increased comments in the Facebook space. The trouble is that the blog space is much more interesting to me than Facebook and I would much rather any conversations take place there than on Facebook. I like the blogosphere because it offers me my own little corner of cyberspace and I can muck around there all I want. As well, it isn’t all cluttered up the way Facebook is cluttered up.

When I make a blog post, I currently have it set up so that it appears as a Tweet automatically and then I make a decision with each post if I am going to cross-post it to Facebook.  I don’t make very many Tweets on my personal Twitter account that are not links to my blog posts. I do go on there and read tweets made by a select group of people. I sometimes will retweet other tweets, but I don’t spend much time messing about on my personal Twitter account. Interestingly, I find Twitter to be much more useful to me, and interesting as well, in my job than in my personal life.

It seems pretty clear to me that the major corporations who operate the social networks are trying to drive people from the blogosphere to the Facebook swamp and that mysterious space called Google + (what do people do over there anyway?). The fact that Google is de-commissioning the popular Google Reader is a case in point. I’m sure the bottom line is the bottom line – it’s easier to generate revenue from Facebook, it has a greater mass appeal, and it is all set up to gather scads of personal information from users along the way.

I’m considering keeping my blog posts off Facebook, at least most of the time. If I do that, I suppose I will lose some occasional readers, but then my content is not the most mainstream fare and I think those people who are really interested (I’m not sure why people would be interested in these posts exactly in any case, except that I’ve made some friends out there along the way and we do keep tabs on one another) will keep coming.  I’m not saying I don’t see any value in participating in Facebook. For sure it gives me an opportunity to stay in touch with people I otherwise might lose touch with. On the other hand, some people who have “friended” me on Facebook might even be annoyed that I clutter up their news feed with links to things like fiddle, banjo and accordion music videos they have no interest in at all. In fact, one person I know sent me a nice email explaining that it was nothing personal but he had to “de-friend” me.

If you’ve read this far into this post, I’m interested in your opinion. If you like to visit this place, does it matter to you if my posts appear on Facebook as well?


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    I neither twit nor facebook. For me the issue is climatic. Hell will have to freeze over before I go anywhere near any of that spyware. I flat out refuse to ‘like’ anything. A couple weeks ago there was a woman in Montreal who was twittering away on her cell phone so intently that she didnt notice that she was stepping off the subway platform and she was killed by a subway train. The world has gone mad. #twit this!

  2. If I were your friend on FB I would mind! I do nearly all my link posting on FB and then use IFTTT to echo back to my weblog site and to twitter and It’s just easier and it gets to more people (though I don’t really care about that). There are a lot more comments on posts on FB too so there is more interaction which is nice.

  3. I’ll come here anyway, even though I’m not using my own blog much (therapist is strongly encouraging, so stand by). And I’ll still post YouTube links to Ellie Mae videos on my wall. First thought when I arrived just now was, “Wow, what a great look!” Very retro. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the recent background designs but there’s just something fantastic about black and white.

    Also tired of all the clutter and advertising and pressure on Facebook. It’s the best way for me to keep in touch with some family members and close friends but I’m tired of the reposts and memes and am already scaling back on friends and time there… it’s not an emotionally healthy forum. Sometimes I think for us creative types, output is more constructive than input. Feedback is good, but we thrive when we’re left alone to tinker with only occasional interaction with like-minded people. Blogs aren’t dying (in fact there seem to be more people than ever who are cashing in, although they’re posting more mainstream content) so we mustn’t give up!

    Never been to Twitter and I don’t know how Google+ works… but I like banjos. And accordions.

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