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The other day I received an invitation from an old friend from the days when it seems a lot more people were working personal blogs, to a social media platform called MeWe. Interestingly enough, it was the same old friend who first introduced me to… Read More

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Cross-posting to Facebook?

I rarely post anything “just” on Facebook, but I do usually cross-post my blog posts there. I started doing that simply because I know quite a few people who are active on Facebook who rarely look at blogs. Technology increasingly enabled me to integrate posts… Read More

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The social media is full of touts. Twelve tips to Twitter success. Fifteen must-do Facebook success tips. Top ten rules of social media engagement. Ten thousand followers in three easy steps. Twitter leadership success strategies. On and on. I decided it was time I offered… Read More

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Be Afraid

I read today that Facebook is introducing an advertising approach called sponsored stories, in which comments you post about products and services could be repurposed into ads for those products and services and shown to your “friends”. Here’s my question to all you Facebook users… Read More

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The Social Network

We all like rags to riches stories, but this film is more of a socially empty but brilliant student at an exclusive American University to riches story. I couldn’t help but be fascinated at the way the Zuckerberg character nailed a structure which could attract… Read More