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Alphabet Soup

At the recent Christie antique (translate junk & stuff) sale near Flamboro, I bought a bunch of red letters. At the time it seemed urgent that I owned these things. Tuffy P has 3 of them (ESP) leaning up against the skirt of our deck. Early this morning I decided to make a hanging alphabet soup totem-red-letter-thing to hang under one of our spruce trees, by the wood pile.




  1. They spelled the name of a garage but I don’t know what it was. The guy who I bought them from gave some letter to his kids (don’t know which ones) and decided to sell the rest. I made him an offer for all the letters he had and came home with a bunch of them. Besides what you see, there is ES & P and a broken C and the M that’s over on the imagination station and the shovel T.

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