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Waking up early covered in snow, the Head Gardener questioned his decision to allow himself to be buried up to his neck in the back yard.

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The Gardener

Last week, when Stagg was in town from Chicago, we started this mad garden project. It began with an armature built around the stand for a coat rack, with wood and strapping and hardware cloth. On that we built up cement, and then finally, acrylic… Read More

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Imagination Stations

I did some work on Imagination Station #1 today. Gravity was beginning to win the battle with this one. I jammed some strong sticks here and there to add structural and dimensional stability. After all, how can imaginary creatures live in an imagination station which… Read More

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Alphabet Soup

At the recent Christie antique (translate junk & stuff) sale near Flamboro, I bought a bunch of red letters. At the time it seemed urgent that I owned these things. Tuffy P has 3 of them (ESP) leaning up against the skirt of our deck.… Read More