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IMG_0803We took a drive today to Jarvis Ontario, home to Nice Old Stuff, a store and a yard and a garage and a couple sheds full of just about anything. We loaded up the car with all kinds of stuff we “needed”, including material for a second book box (patience, patience, pictures in due course). We also came home with this concrete train planter. These things are seriously heavy items. I’m considering painting the train before planting it, although I think it looks great as is. Thanks to our neighbour Chris for helping unload these items.  There is no way I could have managed on my own.



  1. That train planter is amazing! I don’t think it needs any paint either, especially once it is bursting with blooms.
    Also love the new background on your blog! It makes me want to doodle.

    • Thanks Barb. I spotted the train planter there last fall, and knew if they didn’t sell it over the winter, it was coming home with us.

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