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Tuffy P goes shopping

Today was the spring Christie spring antique show out in Flamboro. Unfortunately, both of us couldn’t go as Georgie had a vet appointment mid-morning we didn’t want to miss. Fortunately cousin Paul was going with us so Tuffy P had some company.

DSC05725Tuffy P came back with some excellent stuff. Regular readers will know by now that we delight in repurposing all kinds of old stuff around the house and garden. She found a couple excellent wrestling action figures for the kitchen, a bird house, some shutters, and a simple cowboy whirligig for the canoe garden.

IMG_1307Meanwhile, I looked after the vet appointment, ran some errands, then headed to yumart for the opening of the new show featuring Lee Lamothe and Tim Noonan.

Lee and Tim have vastly different approaches to art-making, but both share a very personal sensibility. I’ve only known Lee a short while, but I’ve known Tim for many years, going back to our days at York University. Later, Tim often joined Tuffy P and I, our friend Ardis and also the late Ron Bloore on painting/drawing trips. We called it Sunday painting, because we would typically go out on Sunday mornings. We’d drive around the countryside looking for places to draw and paint, hike a little, and enjoy a wee picnic along the way.

Lee is exhibiting small black and white “RetroDigitalCollages” and Tim is showing new expressive paintings including acrylic paintings, oils and watercolours.


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