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Imagination Station Update

Imagination Station #2

Imagination Station #2

Regular readers of this blog know about the Imagination Stations. These are lean-to or shelter-type structures – two of them – out in the back yard. I built them from materials from the garden and since I made them (I build the first one two years ago and the second one last year), I’ve been occasionally adding to the structures.

Along the way, a vine appeared. I think it came from next door but I’m not really sure. It grew along the fence and when it found Imagination Station #2, it did a little homesteading. Almost all of the structure is covered in this vine now, making the Station look like something that has been in the yard for many years.

The first Imagination Station is becoming obscured as well. I grew a honeysuckle in the shovel garden and trained it across. As well, where I’ve taken out sod for gardens in the front, I’ve added it to the structure.

Now I’m thinking about making a third one. There are a few possible locations. Perhaps I’ll build it around the old apple tree or in the back corner. Next time I have a few days off work, I think I’ll get going on this project. The first two have been totally improvisational – no plans, no drawings – and I’m going to continue to approach them that way. I’m going to cut back some old shrubs in the back and this will provide lots of raw materials.


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