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Imagination Station #1

Supernatural beings such as pixies, trolls, fairies, elves and so on need to live somewhere. That’s why in our garden I’ve built some imagination stations. We have lots of mature trees and shrubs out back. I decided rather than discarding garden waste like branches and… Read More

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Imagination Station Drawing

Regular visitors to this blog know we have a couple structures out back I made from garden refuse, which we call imagination stations. I’ve been making drawings back there lately, and sometimes I like to sit near Imagination Station #1 and draw. Here’s one I… Read More

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Dig it

The guy who dug that mystery tunnel up by York University – the one that has had all the news attention – has come forward saying he did it because it was his dream to build something like that; it was a fun project for… Read More

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Imagination Station Update

Regular readers of this blog know about the Imagination Stations. These are lean-to or shelter-type structures – two of them – out in the back yard. I built them from materials from the garden and since I made them (I build the first one two… Read More