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IMG_1528Back at our old place in the St. Clair and Caledonia neighbourhood, we had a small garden but because it was very sunny, I grew great tomatoes and hot chiles. Here at 27th Street we have many beautiful mature trees but we don’t have enough sun to be really successful with the sun-loving veggies.

However, my little raised box garden is great for lettuce and herbs. I’ve been making salads from the garden for some time.


  1. Something ate our cucumber plants – twice – but other than that we haven’t had a problem and we don’t take any special measures.

  2. Irina

    Hi Eugene, those are lovely greens, we also plan to build a few raised beds. I have a questions about raccoons, are they scavenging from your garden? We have a beautiful and very regular raccoon visitor on 38’th St, she usually just sits on the fence but I wonder whether I should cover our future garden with a chicken wire?

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