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Look what I found…

I drove a couple hours north of the city early this morning in search of some brook trout in a particularly gorgeous and challenging trout stream I know.  As a bonus I found a few edible mushrooms.  These are “milk caps” or Lactarius mushrooms.

DSC06745When you break them, they exude an orange latex-like substance.  These are Lactarius thyinos. If you can identify these mushrooms as Lactarius, you will know you have L. thyinos because they are the only one of the milk caps with orange milk that does not bruise green.  I found them right where they were supposed to be – in a cedar forest. DSC06744  More common in our area are L. deliciosos, which look similar until you bruise or break them, when the bruised area turns a greenish colour.  In my opinion, L. thyinos is a much superior find.


  1. Helena

    I should have specified that I thought that they were l’actarius deliciousus but after consulting my books and this site, they were thyinos. Have never enjoyed these but have picked about 1 lb worth of them.
    Should be a good snack for tonight with lamb.

  2. Helena in Quebec

    I found a bunch of these this morning under a mix of spruce and cedar trees.

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