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The Comfort Food Diner

As I mentioned earlier, I foraged for tasty edible mushrooms for a couple hours this morning. I gave some of these to one of our neighbours from 28th Street, who in turn brought me some home-made pierogi. Yum! I had some nice sausages from Starskeys… Read More

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L. thyinos

Somebody landed on this blog today after entering the search term Lactarius thyinos into a search engine. As it happens this is something I’ve written about in the past. L. thyinos are a variety of milk cap mushrooms. I find them from time to time,… Read More

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Upset stomach mushrooms

Somebody landed on this blog after searching “upset stomach mushrooms”, and this got me thinking that since a lot of would-be mushroom-hounds have been visiting this blog, I should make a few comments. I don’t know how many species of mushrooms there are in Ontario… Read More

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The Mysterious Forest

Years ago, before I started paying attention to mushrooms, the forest was something I quickly walked through on my way to a trout stream. When you slow down and start to look carefully, though, you can find the strangest things growing in the woods. These… Read More

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Craterellus ignicolor?

Please excuse the quality of the photograph…I was rushing because it was drizzling some and I didn’t want to get my camera phone wet. We found some of these on the Go Home Lake mushroom hunt. I checked some different references and have seen them… Read More