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Craterellus ignicolor?

Please excuse the quality of the photograph…I was rushing because it was drizzling some and I didn’t want to get my camera phone wet.IMG_2006 We found some of these on the Go Home Lake mushroom hunt. I checked some different references and have seen them referred to as trumpet chanterelles or as Craterellus ignicolor. I also saw reference to trumpet chanterelles associated with the name Cantharellus tubaeformis, and a reference that suggested these small chanterelles are all the same.  In any case they are a tasty edible mushroom, and this is the first time I’ve seen (and eaten) specimens of them.

Speaking of eating mushrooms, my friends Robin and Jamie cooked up an amazing mushroom soup featuring all the different kinds of mushrooms we picked on Saturday. This they served with fried catfish (good job fishing Bill!) and crusty bread. What a feast!

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