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Gone Girl – a good B movie with high budget actors

As we were watching Gone Girl tonight, I was thinking it was a quality B movie – the scheming Amy reminded me some of the Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction. The film  almost lost me until we started to get more information about what was going on. At that point I started to appreciate it. The last half-hour was a let down for me, though.  It simply wasn’t convincing enough. I confess I laughed out loud when Amy drove home soaked in blood.

One thing in this movie drove me crazy – and that was the actress who played the Detective – Kim Dickens. She seemed so familiar to me but I just couldn’t figure out what else I had seen her in. Of course as soon as we got home Google kindly reminded me she played Joanie Stubbs in Deadwood and also the Chef in Treme.

The thing about a really great B movie is the script delivers all the way through, and I think that’s what held back this film. Still, it was entertaining and it had some very good bits.


  1. I felt pretty much word for word the same about the movie. Except I recognized Joanie/Chef right away and screen talked to Stagg about her LOL

    I laughed out loud too at the blood soaked Amy…and actually Stagg and I laughed a lot throughout the movie…which I believe was intended. It is a black comedy in many ways. I didn’t read the book…bt I am guessing by the fervor of fans that it must have been fairly suspenseful and funny to read. (although, maybe less funny)

    I put this movie in the same kind of genre as Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct….paying homage to sexually twisted women in B-movies.

    I thought Ben Affleck held the whole thing together because he had to bring some kind of emotion to this situation of two superficial money-hongry selfish people…and he managed to make me care just enough what happened to him.

    I think a mistake made be made by audiences that this is a movie darkly criticizing marriage. It’s actually quite a good movie when you see it’s criticizing a materialistic world corrupting intimacy and trust in relationships. (I thought the premise of them losing their jobs in the recession and having to “downsize” their exotic manhattan lifestyle was quite clever)

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