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Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is a roller-coaster gold-rush of a film by the Sadfie Brothers, anchored by a really great performance by Adam Sandler (yes, I said great!). Sandler’s character, a NY jeweler, knows no comfort as he juggles his entire crazy life throughout the film, seeking… Read More

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The Big Short

It seems like the film most people are off to see these days is Star Wars. For whatever reasons, I just don’t have much interest at all in seeing that movie, so you’re not going to see it reviewed here. Instead, we went to see… Read More

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Trumbo – a brief review

I’m not generally a big fan of biopics, but I consider Trumbo, the story of Dalton Trumbo, the film writer blacklisted as a communist, to be an excellent film. It stars Bryon Cranston, who is successful not just because his portrayal is entirely believable but… Read More

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The Martian

I didn’t know what to expect – how good could a lost in space movie be? First things first…..if you have to have one of the crew stuck on Mars, you want it to be Jason Bourne er, I mean Matt Damon – resourceful, indestructable… Read More

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We saw Spy this afternoon at our local Cineplex VIP theatre. VIP is perfect for a guy with a messed up leg. Tuffy P dropped me in front and then went to park while I hobbled in. We reserved seats up front (the front row… Read More

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Imagine one of those cooking competitions in which Gordon Ramsey yells at all the contestants and makes them feel small and inadequate. Now translate to a music school. That’s Whiplash in a nutshell. I don’t have any admiration for abusive teachers. The idea that such… Read More