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Back in Town

In all the years I’ve maintained this blog and the Mister Anchovy’s blog before it, one thing I can say is that I have been a very regular blogger. Somewhere along the way I’ve developed the habit of blogging and the understanding that there are all kinds of posts I can create, and some of them can be very casual and personal.

During the past couple weeks it seems I’ve lost my rhythm. In my defense I’ve had two work-related trips to Edmonton and I didn’t try to blog while away. I returned from the latest trip today, landing in the midst of today’s nasty snowstorm.

IMG_2645I like Edmonton, by the way, even though on the first trip the weather made things difficult. This morning I noticed something strange at the Edmonton airport. At 6 AM the bars in the airport were open and there were actually some people hoisting a few before getting on their morning flights. Too early for this guy.

Today’s flight was rocky, turbulent. The seat-belt signs stayed on for most of the flight. We circled Toronto for a while before finally landing. During the storm, landing and getting to the gate were two very different things. The plows were busy keeping the runways clear and we parked for an eternity before a path to the gate was plowed out. I was so happy to finally get home late this afternoon.

Although I wanted very much to have a nap, instead I suited up and me and the dogs went out to do some shoveling. IMG_2646Georgie loves the snow so much. In the back yard he runs around, bounding, just being a goofy boy. Memphis got in the act as well, and they staged a wrassling match, like Godzilla vs Megalon. Great times. Dogs of course don’t have to shovel.

I don’t think I have to travel any more before Christmas, and although I enjoy the adventure and the challenges of this kind of trip, I’m OK with staying put here in Hogtown for a while.

IMG_2650Meanwhile I haven’t thought much about Christmas. We have family coming over and I’m doing the cooking so I’m going to have to think about that. I’m taking the week containing Christmas off this year, and I’m thinking maybe it’s time I made a batch of cabbage rolls and some home-made pirogi. I’m not totally committed to that idea yet – it’s a lot of work, but those foods bring back Christmas from my childhood, when my mom would cook for days and we would have a feast, at that time normally on Christmas Eve.


  1. What an intense trip schedule! It’s nerve-wracking traveling in poor weather. The best thing about Edmonton was the airport. Gidget and I made use of the vast bar hours and smoking room a few years ago.

    • I don’t make them very often Suzanne, but it’s an old family favourite. There is a very particular way of making them my mom taught me when I was a kid, that gives them the distinctive traditional flavour. When I make them this year, I’ll blog the process.

  2. I was thinking about the way my mom used to make them, with a rack of back ribs on top. She would sautee the meat mixture in salt pork giving it the distinctive flavour and amazing smell I remember from my childhood.

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