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Imagine one of those cooking competitions in which Gordon Ramsey yells at all the contestants and makes them feel small and inadequate. Now translate to a music school. That’s Whiplash in a nutshell.

I don’t have any admiration for abusive teachers. The idea that such a horrible character would be allowed to teach people about something so rich in spirit is a disappointing one. And yet it would not surprise me if people like that are out there.

Parts of this film were difficult to believe. I would think, for instance that most if not all the students at the best music school in the country would be able to keep tempo without being slapped silly.

There were some strong performances in this film, but I’m not going to recommend this one.

Did you see Whiplash? What did you think?


  1. I didn’t see it, but I know a lot of people have gone gaga over it. It was interesting to get your take.

  2. NoisySongbird

    I actually loved this film because I felt it was about OVERCOMING that awful teacher. I don’t think he’s a great drummer because of that guy, I think he’s great because he was able to BEAT him. The teacher will take credit, no doubt, “throwing the symbol”, but the fact is… he just pushed and pushed and wanted it that badly.
    I was literally cheering at the end, loved it.

    • Thanks for your comment NoisySongbird. In my mind, music isn’t about beating anybody, and I think that is at the heart of my disappointment with the film.

      • NoisySongbird

        I completely agree with you. But I do feel that life is sometimes about beating the odds, and breaking down our own boundaries, even when it seems impossible, even when we keep falling and falling… we get up and take the stage šŸ™‚

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