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Arse over Teakettle

I looked for ice on the steps. It was that kind of weather. I thought of the Wade Hemsworth song, The Shining Birch Tree…’twas the in-between season of freeze-up and thaw. of course I wasn’t in the north woods, just on my way into the office.

I didn’t see any ice at all and didn’t know it was there until I took a flyer, arse over teakettle. I recall heading head-first down and thinking this is bad, so bad. somehow my foot caught on a stair and bent back in a way feet aren’t supposed to bend. I tried to convince myself I hadn’t broke a bone but my ankle extended several inches out to the side. Sheila brought out a chair for me to sit on then called an ambulance. I assessed the damage – a minor scrape on my hand and The Ankle.

The ambulance took me to Western rather than St Joes. “They got better bone guys”. Ok. the hospital calls the process of setting and casting the injury reducing it. They tried three times during the day to reduce my ankle, unsuccessfully. The first time they gave me some kind of trippy sedative. I remember strange voices and shadowy figures but no pain. the second time they tried with pain meds only. I mostly recall the pain. The third time, a surgeon came to see me. He said I was going to need surgery for sure, but he was going to try one more time to reduce it. When this was not successful they had me ‘on call’ for surgery, and I went in at about 9:00 pm.

I was given a choice of anesthetic…either a spinal or a general. This was accompanied by detailed descriptions of the risks, rendering a decision next to impossible. I finally went with the spinal, which worked just fine. hardware was installed. since then bearing up to the discomfort has been my main activity. the degree to which this is coherent has a lot to do with being past due for a blast of painkillers. Yes it is throbbing but my brain is not swimming and drifting. My reward for completing this post will be medication. I’ve been told the first few days are the worst, and I seriously hope that is the case. I won’t be posting nearly as much as usual here at 27th Street but I’ll try to check in often enough that you don’t entirely forget about this blog. See you soon.

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  1. I hope that you are comfortably ensconced in a cozy spot at home, where the furry ones will keep you comfy and entertained. Perhaps once you are past the shock of it all, you will be able to use the enforced time-off to work on your art. Heal well and quickly, my friend.

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