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A Week Later

It has been a week since I slipped and messed up my ankle. Sheila, my family, friends and neighbours, my boss and my workmates have all been super-supportive.

The whole business continues to be uncomfortable, and it is difficult to focus really well on the pain medication. For instance, at this point, reading a newspaper is fine but I can’t get very far on something like a novel. I expect that will change as I am able to back off the medication. I’ve been watching a lot of DVDs for now. I’ve tried playing the banjo for short periods, but again it has been hard to focus well enough, and my usual drive to play just isn’t there.

Over the weekend, quite a few friends did a great job of keeping me distracted and laughing. I have mission control set up here with everything I might need around me. Not much else to report. It seems hard to believe my injury took place a week ago. Thanks everyone for your support.


  1. Keep healing, keep your strength up. Eventually you will be able to get back to some activities you enjoy.

  2. Ufff, read about this on Instagram. It was almost a year ago that I stumbled over a dip in the road, badly spraining left ankle AND right foot. So I can relate. Not being mobile is extra hard when you don’t actually feel sick (ie. like staying home or in bed). I found it very frustrating. Glad that friends are keeping you company, along with the dvds. xx

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