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Great to see everyone yesterday!

As regular visitors to this blog know, I’ve been cooped up in the house since March 9 when I slipped on a step in front of the house and broke and dislocated my ankle. Before yesterday I had only been out for a doctor’s visit and a haircut. I’ve been putting a premium on protecting my ankle and avoiding re-injury. However, I wasn’t going to miss the opening of my painting exhibition at Yumart (for those who couldn’t make it you can see images of my paintings here).

Yvonne had a chair for me in the gallery…

Me with my little paintings Duck River and Half Past Four

Me with my little paintings Duck River and Half Past Four

….and armed with a cool beer or two, I stayed put, making sure nobody stepped on my outstretched foot. Although I couldn’t very easily wander about and mingle, it worked out OK and I think I had a chance to talk with most of the visitors.


I’d like to extend a big thanks to Y.M. Whelan for her faith and confidence in my painting, to everyone who took time out their Saturday afternoon to drop by the gallery and support my painting folly, to Scott Childs and Jill Cuthbertson for delivering my paintings to Yumart and to Stan Repar, who added hardware to the paintings when my lack of mobility made it difficult.

By the time we arrived home after the opening, my leg was telling me it still had some healing to do. I was pretty sore after an afternoon out, and it was great to lean back and elevate my leg for a while. Will I ever be glad for this injury to heal up so I can get back to some of my normal routines, and I can shed these damned crutches.

The exhibition continues until May 2. Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday noon until 6:00.

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  1. Jeanette

    Hi, I’m sorry this isn’t relevant to you, but I’ve been longing to be in touch with Stan Repar but his website doesn’t seem to be current so I’m reaching out… I have one of his original pieces from 1982 (may be called Turtle Island) that my parents bought and I’d like to sell it to help pay for my mom’s alternative cancer treatments. If you could be of any assistance I would be most appreciative. I would also be willing to pay a commission to anyone who could sell this. Its been appraised at 20, 000 (a few years ago).

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