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Buffalo Gals (again)

A few days ago I shared some different versions of the old time tune, Buffalo Gals. As is often the case, I was listening to various versions of the tune because I was learning to play it myself. At a recent practice session I recorded myself working on this one. I like to do that fairly regularly because how I think I play and how I think I sound isn’t the same as how I really play and how I really sound. When I listen to myself recorded it becomes obvious to me where I need to concentrate my practicing. I’m not one of those people who have some kind of natural knack for playing an instrument. To play at all decently, I really have to work at it. Fortunately, I love playing music so practice=fun for me.

This is a really bad video (and I’m not even talking about my banjo picking). I videotaped with a bright light in behind and I managed to cut off part of my head and my left hand. The one highlight is that my cat Shadow showed up at some point. You can see him in the bottom right corner, and he just hung out and watched me. Of all our cats, Shadow self-identifies as my cat. He is usually not far away, and when I first injured my ankle he often chose my cast as a reasonable place to sleep (I usually didn’t agree).

For those who care about these things, I’m playing a Bart Reiter Standard banjo, in open G tuning with a capo on the second fret, bringing it into the key of A. I’ve crammed together two different versions just to add some variety.

So here’s me, working on Buffalo Gals.

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