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41st Avenue

Jack Antler is: Eugene Knapik, clawhammerTed Myerscough, guitarThis tune was written by Mark Jones. I learned it at Midwest Banjo Camp a few years ago at a workshop about Grandpa and Ramona Jones and family, taught by Cathy Barton. Filmed on the streets of Toronto… Read More

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Bonaparte’s March

Here’s Bonaparte’s March, featuring a concertina player! It’s Nathan Lee McAlister, Jack and Lee Ann Sours. Anyone who has heard me play clawhammer banjo knows this is one of my fave tunes to play.

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I met up with Ted and Isabel today to play some Old Time music. We’ve been having these sessions regularly, and I am enjoying them so much. Ted and I had already been playing together for a while before Isabel joined us. We had a… Read More