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Here’s some wonderful Ramona Jones fiddling for a Sunday morning. It’s called Chinquapin on Crooked Stovepipe. Is chinquapin a word in your vocabulary? I only know it from old time music. I think a chinquapin is another word for a chestnut. Is that how you… Read More

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Fiddle Faddle

  I’m fascinated with fiddle music, but the fiddle scares me. Having heard some mighty fine fiddle players close up, I know there is only one possible explanation for how they do it. Obviously, they’ve made a deal with the devil. I mean, humans can’t… Read More

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Hot Cold Cold Corn

Vivian Howard, the chef and star of A Chef’s Life on PBS wrote in her cookbook, Deep Run Roots: “Ground corn distinguishes the food of the Americas from that of the rest of the world”. It turns out down in America they make hooch from… Read More

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Newberry and Verch

Two of my fave players April Verch and Joe Newberry, performing together. This video includes April Verch playing fiddle and step-dancing together. Wonderful! I’ve had to opportunity to meet Joe Newberry at Midwest Banjo Camp, attend some of his classes and play music with him… Read More

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Traveling this Lonesome Road

This is Bob Carlin… I attended some of Bob Carlin’s excellent workshops at the last Midwest Banjo Camp. He’ll be playing at the Dakota Tavern here in Toronto on Sunday May 14, and he’s also doing some workshops while he’s in town.

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Reuben’s Train

I confess I love train songs. Is that so bad? Here’s Ken Perlman performing Reuben’s Train (and more) in Ireland. Here’s a nice square-dancey stringband version of Reuben’s Train by the Hogslop stringband Bluegrass freaks might say wait a minute, that’s Train 45 and so… Read More