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Canadian Cancer Society 10th Annual Spring Garden Tour May 31st South Mississauga

gnomeTUFFY P posting today.  I was guest of CN and DN for today’s Spring Garden tour of private gardens in South Mississauga today.  All proceeds went to the Canadian Cancer Society.  I had a great time touring through 10 front, side and backyard gardens today in Port Credit/Mineola. Thank you to my good friends for getting me out on the first tour of 2015 – I truly loved each step into these very personal landscapes.  This gnome was in a funky garden that had bowling balls, mushroom lights and a ton things that tell the tale of the gardener’s other passions.

I met a plant I’d never seen before in the last garden of the day- and my heart flip flopped a bit.  It was such a proud vigorous tall pale purple and sagey green plant – called a Baptista.  Baptista

Here it is near the roadside – the Baptista!Baptista on left

The Baptista grows tall like a Solomon seal, and is all wavy and wonderful…  below scenes from another of the gardens…garden statue in the front, wild flocks growing by the river flowing in their backyard. Garlic growing in the back, and the Siberian irises bedded into the front yard, seen below.

Cobblestone drivewayWe saw many backyards that were tiered and so peaceful. DN said the birds here sounded like Jurassic Park!  There were lots of birds in the trees of the garden below….


A front garden that continued a masterful pull with it’s mounds and textures

DN in front of an oasis of rhododendrons growing in the backyard of this South Mississauga estate.

3 colours RhodedendrumsThese rhodies are so showy! Love it!

Not a rhodedendrumThe plant to the left is not a rhododendron. It’s something like a cata… help me out if you know the full name, I’m having a senior moment and can’t recall. But it’s beautiful along the side of the house.



Below, this is like potting shed university…

Below, Clematis starting to take off… a garden cat, lavender, and another favourite side ‘checkerboard’ garden

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The backyard below lost a lot of ash trees last year due to the Emerald Ash Borer.

Devestation from Ash Borer

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Coffee break



Tuffy P still here….hope you enjoyed my pictures from the Canadian Canacer Society 10th Annual Spring garden Tour, South Mississauga. Special thanks to C+D N. for making this happen. Hope you feel better soon C.

Want more photos….go to 27th Snaps

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