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Songs about mammels and birds….

Old Time music features plenty of tunes about animals small and large. Why not? You just don’t get enough animal tunes in pop music.

Old Molly Hare
Whatcha doin’ there?
Sittin on a haystack
Shootin at a bear
Shot at one
Shot at two
Shot at another one
An give it to you

Old Molly Hare
Whatcha doin there?
Sittin on a butter dish
Pickin out a hair
Picked out one
Picked out two
Picked out another one
An give it to you

That’s some serious poetry.
The Whisky Bent Valley Boys do a great driving, very fast version of this goofy tune

Larger mammels are not foreign to the old time music repertoire. Here’s one that is sometimes about a bear and other times about a deer. This is the one and only Uncle Dave Macon performing The Cumberland Mountain Deer chase.

Uncle Dave, The Dixie Dewdrop, was born in 1870 and passed in 1952. He was a Vaudeville performer and later the first big star on the Grand Ol Opry. We don’t hear much about Uncle Dave today but to give you an idea of his stature in his time, I read on Wikipedia that his funeral was attended by more than five thousand people and his pallbearers were George D. Hay, Kirk McGee, Roy Acuff, and Bill Monroe.

Today, a performer named Leroy Troy has picked up the Uncle Dave torch schtick, a mix of clawhammer banjo, goofy hillbilly lyrics and sometimes even banjo tricks. In keeping with our animal theme, here is Mr. Troy singing about his rabbit dog….

Let’s move on to bird-life. Here is Johannes Bonefaas, who is known for his fine handmade banjos, performing a tune we usually associate with Clarence Ashley – The Cuckoo (sometimes The Coo Coo). He’s performing this on a gourd banjo he made himself.

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