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Take a walk on the wild side…..of the garden that is

DSC00142The back garden, surrounded as it is with several mature spruce and a huge silver maple, has been at least a little on the wild side since we moved in several years ago. I recall the first time I saw it, thinking the exposed tree routes and the forest-like section at the back, reminded me of a Muskoka cottage garden. I’ve created various gardens back there over the years, and planted a number of new shrubs, and most years it’s a constant battle to beat back the weeds. I have some work to do back there once my leg is strong enough. I want to rework the small checkerboard garden and perhaps even expand it. As well, there is a shade garden back by the first imagination station that is turning into a forest garden and I want to give that some attention.

We usually keep the forested area at the back wild but I’d like to do some work back in there. They have grown straggly with lots of foliage at the sunny end and little back where they started. I think I can do better with that area, organizing it just a little, and adding some strategically placed shade tolerant shrubs. It might be nice to have a little sitting area with a bench back in among the trees.

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