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If I was a mole in the ground, I’d root that mountain down….

Here’s Jerron Paxton again…

I think of the Jerron Paxton version as being about the song, but Dwight Diller’s version is more about the groove.

And one more, this time in a band setting, with a jug band feel. Here is The East River Stringband with guests R. Crumb, Dom Flemmons and Joe Lauro.

This tune was most famously recorded by Bascom Lamar Lunsford in 1928, which was included on the Harry Smith Anthology. However, Lunsford didn’t write it, and in fact claimed to have known it since 1901.

Wikipedia points out that Bob Dylan echoed a line from this song. In the older tune the line is, Cause a railroad man will kill you when he can…and drink up your blood like wine. On Blonde on Blonde, Dylan recorded Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again in 1966, containing the line: Mona tried to tell me…to stay away from the train line….she said that all the railroad men just drink up your blood like wine.

Here’s Luther Dickinson doing a really nice cover of the Dylan tune…I can’t resist including it here.

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