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Quick trip to the forest….

Regular readers will know that Memphis, one of our Newfoundlands, had surgery in the spring for a ligament problem on her back right knee. That has healed up well, but unfortunately, she has the same problem on the other side, and without surgery on the left side, the ligament will continue to deteriorate.

Recovering from her first surgery, she hasn’t had a chance to do one of her favourite things, romping about in a forest – so I loaded the Newfs into the Subaru and off we went. I wanted her to get out in the woods at least once this summer. DSC00463

The dogs had a great time, and I did too. Memphis is the Landseer, by the way – the black and white Newf – and young George is the brown one.

I had hoped we might see some choice edible mushrooms while we were out, but none were to be found. Instead, there were quite a few of these big yellow Amanitas – beautiful but NOT for the table. DSC00461DSC00465

Next week Memphis is scheduled to see her groomer Lorraine to get cleaned up before we schedule her for surgery. She hasn’t had a proper grooming since before the first one because we thought it would be difficult for her get in and out of the tub and to stand to be groomed.

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