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Georgie and the Old Man


We shouldn’t be too surprised that Shadow AKA The Old Man would make friends with our young Newf Georgie. After all, Shadow was also great pals with Ellie Mae. Ellie used to lie down and make little whimpering sounds to call Shadow over, and when he arrived, Ellie would give him a face wash.

The Old Man gets face washes from Georgie now as well. Yesterday evening I was watching some television when the Old Man hopped up to say hi. He was soaked from being bathed by Georgie. He likes to rub up against Georgie’s face and last night he even curled up beside his big buddy.

The Old Man has been with us for a long time. He used to run wild – a street cat – when we lived on Blackthorn until he was beaten up pretty bad by some other critter. He had a hole in his neck, which was infected and two of his legs were badly bruised and not operating very well. He showed up at our side door soon after, panhandling. We fed him for a few days but his condition wasn’t improving so we scooped him up and took him to the emergency vet. He got some fluids and some antibiotics and after that he healed up quickly. Of course by that time he had closed the deal and he was our cat.

Shadow used to be an outdoor cat, until not long after we moved to Long Branch. Something bad happened during one of his adventures. He was gone for 3 nights and after he finally returned, he had lost his taste for the outdoors, almost completely. Now, in the nice weather, he will go outside, but just long enough to visit the catnip patch for a little fix. A visit to the catnip patch usually takes about 10 minutes and then he’s right back at the door, ready for a little nap inside.

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